Occupational Health Program

Occupational Health Program Overview & Enrollment

The University of Miami Occupational Health Program (OHP) is committed to protecting the health and well-being of individuals (employees, students and volunteers) involved with the care and use of animals and/or use of hazardous materials.

OHP is here to support you by offering vaccinations, titer checks, screening tests, and training. There is also a 24-hour support line that focuses on exposures such as bites, needlesticks, splashes, and scratches. We can be reached every day for exposures at 305-299-4684.

All personnel with exposure to animals and hazardous materials must participate in the OHP by submitting an initial OHP Questionnaire and completing an annual OHP questionnaire thereafter. Employee Health conducts a risk assessment based on responses on the OHP questionnaire and develops a list of requirements for that individual. Enrollees must complete a set of baseline requirements; these requirements are outlined on the OHP Clearance Requirement document that . Anyone enrolling who does not have a health assessment on file must complete the Employee Health Medical Questionnaire.

Individuals must complete all OHP requirements to participate in associated research activities. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to ensure all co-investigators, staff, volunteers, and students participate in the OHP. Failure to enroll, complete training, and complete annual updates as required by the IACUC / EHS may result in suspension of work activities on research protocols or restrict your access to animal facilities. 

For inquiries, please email us at ohp@miami.edu or call during normal business hours at 305-243-3267.

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